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A well built pool or spa is likely to increase the value of your home and raise your fitness levels. With a quarter of a century's experience in bespoke swimming pool and spa design, technically complex and aesthetically challenging requirements are our speciality.


Creating a leisure area in your own home is definitely on trend and this health club type of space can include a pool, spa/hot tub, sauna & steam room. It allows you to exercise in private and when it suits you offers a very special place for entertaining your guests. Once you have made up your mind regarding a few basics, we will totally manage the whole project, from start to finish, from construction to landscaping. We can also offer some other special features - such as a counter current unit to swim against or a hydrotherapy massage station? We will list every item, including design costs, as a separate entry if required, in our proposal we will explain exactly what is involved and how much everything will cost at every stage. The next thing for you to do is enjoy a stunning and high quality end result for you and your family to enjoy. Owing to the complexities of design and construction it is now a normal requirement that as swimming pool specialists we work not only with the project architect but significantly with the structural engineer, M & E consultant and interior designer - a fusion of disciplines and skills that is now a pre-requisite for advanced swimming pool projects.

At The Cutting Edge

Exciting developments are taking place in all areas of pool and spa design, ranging from increasingly efficient and environmental heating systems to more effective accessories like underwater sound systems. As market leaders we are at the forefront of new technology and only associate with the top suppliers in order to fit your pool and leisure area with the very best and most energy efficient equipment on the market, we like to use products from Wibre and Aquapharos for lighting, LED lighting can now be used underwater and fibre optic lighting can be fitted in wet areas, like steam rooms, with amazing effects. The choice of interior and exterior pool and spa finishes is vast and now includes natural stone such as basalt, granite, glass mosaic and high performance man-made finishes such as porcelain. Amongst others, we work closely with the most sophisticated mosaic designers and suppliers.

Moving Floors

Needs and aspirations are constantly changing with our clients requesting much more from a single or limited space than previously. Swimming pools with moving floors are therefore becoming more and more popular for many reasons. An adjustable, moving floor allows for the pool area to be used for additional purposes both indoors and outdoors - with the floor up and covering the pool water, the space can convert into a terrace, dance floor, conference hall, entertaining and play area for children or a meeting facility... the possibilities are endless. For children it provides a very safe pool which effectively grows with them since the bottom of the pool/the depth of the pool floor, can be adjusted. Added benefits for moving pools floors are heat conservation and reduced energy usage for filtration, air handling and water treatment.

Notes for Architects, Designers and Building Contractors

DOLCO Engineering Ltd can provide the specialist design services which are necessary for highly complex projects which include infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow - all of which require the inclusion of surface distribution channels and balance tanks with level controls.

Our designs will always include a flow schematic, hydraulic design criteria, air duty with AHU specification and duct routes with sizes, flow pipe sizing, filter/pump and water treatment specification, plan and section of plantroom, plan and section of pool/spa with all penetrations for water flow and lighting. Builders' works detail can also be included.

At the project concept stage, DOLCO Engineering Ltd will provide a detailed discussion with the architect without cost to enable initial concepts to move forward to a design in principal that can be presented to the client. A flow of workable ideas is known to be beneficial at this stage which also allows us to supply a reasonably detailed performance specification. This is costed prior to nomination after which detailed working drawings are submitted for construction after consultation with the project structural engineer.

We are delighted to share our expertise with architects and designers when possible and offer consultancy services when available.

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